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Day 2 on the Boresha Bskinny Coffee “diet”. Not so much a diet as much as simply drinking 2 12 oz cups a day of Boresha‘s Fat burning Skinny Coffee. Consider this more of a journal keeping track of the results of the skinny coffee. I am a little late posting these videos but they have all been filmed on the corresponding days (Monday June 22 was Day 1). The videos of day 2, day 3, etc are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of this week. I won’t film over the weekend but the posting days will coincide with the correct days next week.

On day 1 I ate a couple of soft tacos from Del Taco for lunch, a burrito from Del Taco later in the afternoon, and fried chicken for dinner. As I wrote yesterday, I am not going to go on some crazy “behind the scenes” diet or insane workout program to falsify the results of the Bskinny Coffee. What happens is what I will report. This is the Skinny Coffee Journal. I will also use associated Boresha products such as the all natural and diabetic friendly Bsweet acai based sweetener. Below is the video from Tuesday June 23 (Day 2).

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