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Day 1 of the Skinny Coffee Challenge.

I am personally testing Boresha‘s Bskinny Coffee for 30 days and I will report daily on my results. Skinny Coffee tastes great, it’s certified organic (good for you), it’s shade grown (good for the environment), and it’s fair trade coffee (good for the coffee worker). All of those facts are wonderful but the big test will be to see some verifiable results as far as fat loss and weight loss.

Day 1 – Starting weight 236 pounds. Measurements (haven’t taken them yet) to follow. Over the next few weeks I will also try to share what I eat on a daily basis as well. I am not going on a crash diet or any strenuous exercise regimen. That would taint the results and wouldn’t necessarily show the effects of the bskinny coffee. This test will be on Boresha‘s Bskinny Skinny Coffee and the results it produces; nothing more, nothing less. Here we go !

Metacafe, DailyMotion, and Veoh

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