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An article found at positively coffee seems to indicate that among the numerous health benefits drinking coffee provides; you may now be able to add relief from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to that list. It is also being studied as to whether drinking coffee may even aid in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.

Here is an excerpt from the  article

“In conclusion there is now well-recognized and convincing evidence from numerous studies that coffee and caffeine consumption decreases the risk of Parkinson’s disease…. There is additional scientific data that suggests that caffeine can help to relieve the symptoms of the disease and have a protective effect on the nerve cells.”

Whether or not drinking coffee relieves the symptoms of or prevents Parkinson’s, the health benefits of coffee are wide ranging and becoming increasingly apparent. Coffee has been shown to have potentially beneficial effects on things ranging from liver function to exercise performance, even diabetes. There is even an organic fat-burning coffee, Boresha Bskinny Skinny Coffee ! Now you can have organic coffee that burns fat!

While the verdict is still out on whether coffee does in fact help to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease; the possibility that it does and emerging research is extremely encouraging.  For anyone with Parkinson’s reading this post that has experienced a benefit or improvement as a result of drinking coffee or if you know of someone whose condition has improved as a result of drinking coffee, please post / comment about it here and let us know. Drink up & be healthy !

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